‘’I came home absolutely elated, and all those sitting around us were just as delighted. It was absolutely brilliant and the play is my new all-time WDS favourite! Previously it was Steel Magnolias. When we set out to watch the play earlier that evening, I was wondering how a cast […]

‘My Old Lady’, February 2018

‘’This was a high standard ensemble piece, and I felt that all the ladies concerned gave good performances, no weak links here. Another well-acted play from WDS, that I enjoyed.’’ – Nova Horley (NODA)

‘Showtime at First Baptist’, October 2017

“A surprising play, that was well-acted throughout, bringing us numerous different characters, seemingly adopted (literally sometimes) at the drop of a hat. I was very impressed and enjoyed the play very much.Julie Field and Robert Naylor-Stables were ideal for this play, as they have so many characters in their repertoire […]

‘Two’, May 2017

“Any society taking on Shakespeare’s ‘Scottish’ play knows in doing so they risk the wrath of superstition and danger of even mentioning the real title, but following Wheathampstead Dramatic Society’s production I am sure they will be confidently talking about this show in future. The two main protagonists of Macbeth […]

‘Macbeth’, February 2017

Nevilles Island
Absolutely amazing production. Go and see ‘Neville’s Island’ on Friday or Saturday. Not laughed as much in a long time! Bravo. Robin Langer

Neville’s Island, October 2016

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Dear All of the Dramatic Society, What a marvellous evening.  I know and love CS Lewis books, both the Narnia Series and his other half Religious and half Science Fiction books as well as his moving Autobiography.   I met him once or twice in Oxford.  Your performance last night did […]

‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, October 2014

Educating Rita
What a triumph! We came to the Thursday performance and just want to say how outstanding it was. Congratulations to every-one but Malcolm and Sarah were brilliant – all the dialogue to learn and Sarah’s Liverpudlian accent. Superb! Just wish more people could have seen it than over the three […]

‘Educating Rita’, October 2013

Entertaining Angels
Not having seen this play before, I wondered about the concept of a widow seeing her dead husband and talking to him – but it worked beautifully, and is a very cleverly written piece, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was amusing, thought-provoking and emotive – I must admit to shedding […]

‘Entertaining Angels’, May 2013

Calendar Girls
All four of us thoroughly enjoyed the play, it was exceptionally well done – some very brave ladies; and we thought it was one of the best performances we have seen over the past few years. Congratulations, and thank you once again – Valerie Wetherall Can I thank you on behalf […]

‘Calendar Girls’, February 2013