Future Productions

 QUARTET -DECEMBER 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2022

A TRIO of ageing opera singers bicker, banter and reminisce in a retirement home. They are physically past their best with their once-golden voices reduced to a croak but they retain a spark of the mischief that characterised their youth. Their repeated mantra is the acronym “NSP” (no self pity). Only Reggie has paid for his lodging and is proud he’s not a charity case. “Quartet” is a beautiful and delightful play that is both funny and touching. Full of wicked and saucy humour about growing old and about art. It is a play of hope and confidence for people who in their retirement fear they may no longer have much to offer.


The story revolves around four women.  Fish packers in Hull.  Two younger and two older, with one man playing a further 6 different characters!  This play can be called a comedy – and a lot of it is – but there is a great hidden story behind each of the women.

The women decide, in the middle of their tea break, that they will throw caution to the wind and go along to the races on Ladies’ Day as this year, 2005, the races are held in York.  What happens to them during that afternoon gives us a fascinating glimpse into each life.

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