‘Macbeth’, February 2017

“Any society taking on Shakespeare’s ‘Scottish’ play knows in doing so they risk the wrath of superstition and danger of even mentioning the real title, but following Wheathampstead Dramatic Society’s production I am sure they will be confidently talking about this show in future. The two main protagonists of Macbeth (Steve Leadbetter) and Lady Macbeth (Sarah Brindley) were both played with good characterisation and their scenes together were particularly smooth and well rehearsed. Steve Leadbetter managed to make us feel empathy with him, a good portrayal and I particularly liked his scenes when the ghost of Banquo appeared. Sarah Brindley also gave us a range of character, from an initial charm to a scary, bewitching harridan and her final sleepwalking scene was excellently played.” Reviewed by Richard Lovelock (NODA)