‘Ladies Day’, February 2023

“This play, follows the lives and fortunes of four ladies who work in a fish filleting plant, all of whom have their dreams and problems, and as such the play needs a strong cast, which was achieved by four ladies with very different personas and
drawbacks in their lives, and one man with multiple personas!

The set was minimal for the work line, but served the cast well, and I liked the introduction of boxes that contained the casts accessories for when they got dressed up to go to Ladies Day at the races. It worked well. The backdrop for the race scenes was also fairly simple, but nicely painted with plenty of detail, looking bright and suiting the feel of the piece. Lighting was good
throughout, and I liked the background music, which was very upbeat and relevant to the script. Sound effects were also appropriate. The costumes were all very suitable for each character, I liked the symmetry of the work overalls and shoes, then the diversity of the ladies ‘own’ clothes for their visit to the races. The sole gentleman in the cast wore clothes applicable to each

All in all a charming play, nicely done, with a strong cast. It was nice to see WDS back in the mix, in the newly refurbished Memorial Hall, which felt really nice, and from an audience point of view it worked well.” –  NODA Review